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» » FASB in Focus: Derivative and Hedging: Targeted improvements to accounting for hedging activities


» FASB in Focus: Clarifying the scope and the accounting guidance for contributions received and made  


» FASB proposes technical corrections to 2 standards on accounting for financial instruments and lease accounting


» FASB simplifies accounting for certain financial instruments with characteristics of liabilities and equity  


Latest News

» SEC staff issues C&DIs related to non-GAAP financial measures associated with business combinations

» New CAQ Alerts summarize potential risk areas for 2017 audit cycle

» SEC proposes rules to implement FAST Act mandate to modernize and simplify disclosure

» PCAOB offers auditors guidance on revenue recognition implementation

» GASB issues updated White Paper: Why Governmental Accounting and Financial Reporting Is—and Should Be Different

» IESBA proposes revised Ethical requirements prohibiting improper inducements

» SASB seeks comments on its Exposure Draft Standards for 79 industries in 11 major sectors

» SEC provides regulatory relief for entities affected by the recent hurricanes

» SEC staff updates C&DIs on pay ratio disclosures to reflect the Commission's new guidance

» PCAOB revises proposal on supervision of other auditors

» FASAB issues concepts statement on federal financial reporting

» PCAOB issues Inspection Brief providing information about 2017 inspections of auditors of public companies

» IPSASB works to improve reporting on financial instruments; issues exposure draft for comments


Financial reporting news

» FASB proposes targeted changes to key areas of accounting guidance

» FASB issues ASU amending certain SEC guidance

» FASB issues guidance to improve and simplify hedge accounting

» FASB proposes changes to grant and contribution accounting

» FASB issues proposal to improve financial reporting associated with consolidation of variable interest entities

» FASB conducts early stage research about developing accounting standard for digital currencies

» GASB proposes changes to debt disclosures

» GASB establishes single approach to lease accounting by state & local governments

» Form AP: CAQ issues tool to assist audit committees in discussing the role of audit participants

» PCAOB adopts new standard to enhance the relevance and usefulness of the auditor's report

» IESBA proposes new guidance for professional skepticism and professional judgment

» GASB issues two Implementation Guides to provide clarity on requirements of GASB Standards

» FASB issues final guidance on “Premium Amortization on Purchased Callable Debt Securities”

» FASB improves financial reporting of pension & other postretirement benefit plans

» FASB finalizes changes for employee benefit plan interests in master trusts   

» FASB clarifies guidance related to the recognition of gains & losses from the derecognition of nonfinancial assets  

» FASB clarifies revenue recognition guidance related to certain transfers of nonfinancial assets


International Financial Reporting News

» IASB finalizes amendments to IFRS 9 and IAS 28 regarding long-term interests in associates and joint ventures  

» IASB seeks comments on proposed amendments to the definition of “material”

» IASB issues guidance on how to make materiality judgements

» FSB urges insurers to start implementation of IFRS 17 as soon as possible

» IASB proposes amendments to IAS 16, "Property, Plant and Equipment," to reduce diversity in practice

» IASB finalizes fundamental overhaul of insurance accounting: IFRS 17

» IASB proposes amendments to #IFRS 9 on symmetric prepayment options

» Accounting for non-GAAP earnings measures: IASB Board member discusses non-GAAP measures

» IFRS Foundation publishes Debrief video on IFRS for SMEs

» Leases one year on—putting IFRS 16 into practice

» IASB releases the conclusions of its 2015 Agenda Consultation along with its work plan for 2017-2021

» IASB issues amendments to insurance contracts Standard

» IFRS Foundation develops Guide to Common Practice Content





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Small Business News

» SEC issues Small Entity Compliance Guide related to intrastate offering exemptions

» SEC staff issues small entity guide on changes to Exchange Act registration requirements under JOBS Act

» Crowdfunding: Small Business Capital-Raising Rules


Personal Finance News

» How will the new overtime rules affect workers?

» GovLoans.gov has information about government loans available to individuals

» Job Seekers Resource Center


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