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» FASB in Focus: FASB proposes targeted improvements to related-party guidance for VIEs


» IASB issues IFRS 17—the first truly international and comprehensive Standard for insurance contracts


» FASB issues final guidance on stock compensation


» FASB addresses lease accounting transition questions


Latest News


» Form AP: CAQ issues tool to assist audit committees in discussing the role of audit participants

» PCAOB Adopts New Standard to Enhance the Relevance and Usefulness of the Auditor's Report

» GASB issues final guidance on accounting for certain debt extinguishment

» IESBA proposes new guidance for professional skepticism and professional judgment

» GASB issues two Implementation Guides to provide clarity on requirements of GASB Standards

» AICPA issues new cybersecurity risk management reporting framework for management and CPAs

» SEC addresses common questions related to the use of the IFRS Taxonomy in company filings



» SEC issues updated guidance in response to common questions related Inline XBRL

» GAO issues report on 2017 review of company disclosures on the SEC rule on conflict minerals

» IASB proposes amendments to #IFRS 9 on symmetric prepayment options

» AICPA proposes standard for auditing employee benefit plans

» IAASB proposes modernization of financial estimate audits in support of audit quality

» ASB proposal would require auditors to perform more tests and provide more information in reports on ERISA plans

» GAO proposes revisions to government auditing standards

» IESBA embarks on strategic review; seeks input from stakeholders

» CAQ releases an updated version of its "External Auditor Assessment Tool"

» IPSASB launches consultation on heritage reporting

» SEC approves 2017 GAAP Financial Reporting Taxonomy   

» Updated CorpFin statement on the effect of the Court of Appeals decision on the conflict minerals rule



Financial Accounting News


» FASB issues proposal to improve financial reporting associated with consolidation of variable interest entities

» FASB seeks comments on the efficiency and effectiveness of GAAP Financial Reporting Taxonomy

» FASB issues final guidance on “Premium Amortization on Purchased Callable Debt Securities”

» FASB improves financial reporting of pension & other postretirement benefit plans

» FASB proposes simplifications to accounting for nonemployee share-based payments

» FASB finalizes changes for employee benefit plan interests in master trusts   

» FASB clarifies guidance related to the recognition of gains & losses from the derecognition of nonfinancial assets  

» FASB clarifies revenue recognition guidance related to certain transfers of nonfinancial assets



IASB Chairman introduces IFRS 17 - Insurance Contracts


IFRS Foundation webinar: Scope of IFRS 17 - Insurance Contracts


Basel Committee issues responses to frequently asked questions on changes to lease accounting



SEC issues its first IFRS Taxonomy for use by foreign private issuers (FPIs)


Leases one year on—putting IFRS 16 into practice


» FASB issues guidance clarifying the definition of a business

» FASB issues technical improvements to revenue recognition guidance

» FASB issues proposal on accounting for certain financial instruments

» FASB announces refinements to investor advisory committee

» FASB seeks comments on proposed service concession arrangement standard  

» FASB Outlook E-Newsletter Q3 2016

» FASB meeting decisions and materials

» FASB project updates: Technical agenda

International Financial Reporting News

» IASB proposes amendments to IAS 16, "Property, Plant and Equipment," to reduce diversity in practice

» IASB finalizes fundamental overhaul of insurance accounting

» IASB proposes amendments to #IFRS 9 on symmetric prepayment options

» Accounting for non-GAAP earnings measures: IASB Board member discusses non-GAAP measures

» IFRS Foundation publishes Debrief video on IFRS for SMEs

» Leases one year on—putting IFRS 16 into practice

» IASB releases the conclusions of its 2015 Agenda Consultation along with its work plan for 2017-2021

» IASB issues amendments to insurance contracts Standard

» IFRS Foundation develops Guide to Common Practice Content

» IFRS – Latest developments and future focus

» IASB issues amendments to the Revenue Standard

» IASB issues new lease accounting standard – IFRS 16, Leases

» IFRIC Update: IFRS IC meeting summary

» IASB Update: Staff summary of IASB board meetings

» IFRS for SMEs Update

» Who uses IFRS?


Small Business News

» SEC issues Small Entity Compliance Guide related to intrastate offering exemptions

» SEC staff issues small entity guide on changes to Exchange Act registration requirements under JOBS Act

» Crowdfunding: Small Business Capital-Raising Rules

Personal Finance News

» How will the new overtime rules affect workers?

» GovLoans.gov has information about government loans available to individuals

» Job Seekers Resource Center


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