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» FASB amends new guidance on recognizing and measuring financial instruments

» FASB proposes to clarify certain 2015 guidance on Cloud Computing arrangements

» FASB addresses stranded income tax effects of new tax law  

» FASB simplifies adoption of new Leases standard for some land easements

» FASB proposes corporate reporting change related to new tax law  

» FASB Q&As discuss financial reporting implications of tax law:

» FASB proposes adding transition option and practical expedient for lessors to new leases standard

» SEC Staff issues regulatory guidance on the accounting impact of the new tax reform law: Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

Latest News

» ASB issues interpretive guidance on reporting on audits conducted in accordance with GAAS and PCAOB rules

» GASB in Focus—Invitation to Comment on revenue and expense recognition

» SEC publishes new requirements for cybersecurity disclosures

» FASB proposes adding a new benchmark interest rate for hedge accounting

» IPSASB proposes new lease accounting model for the public sector

» PCAOB issues updated staff guidance on implementing changes to auditor's report

» FASB releases 2018 GAAP Financial Reporting Taxonomy and SEC Reporting Taxonomy

» GASB issues implementation guide on other postemployment benefits

» IFAC report provides an analysis of the status of adoption of international standards and best practices in 2017

» CAQ issues new publication intended to assist audit committees in preparing to navigate the new auditor’s reporting model

» ASB issues three proposals designed to enhance the relevance and usefulness of the auditor’s report for audits of nonissuers

» Monitoring Group seeks comments on reforms to the global audit standard-setting process


Financial reporting news

» FASB shares tentative decisions on Codification improvements to recent leases standard

» FASB supersedes steamship entities guidance

» SEC Division of Corporation Finance issues updated Financial Reporting Manual

» FASAB seeks input on proposed federal standard designed to protect classified information

» FASB issues amendments to the Codification to reflect changes in certain SEC guidance

» FASB proposes targeted changes to key areas of accounting guidance

» GASB proposes guidance to clarify majority equity interests

» FASB issues ASU amending certain SEC guidance

» FASB issues guidance to improve and simplify hedge accounting

» FASB proposes changes to grant and contribution accounting

» FASB issues proposal to improve financial reporting associated with consolidation of variable interest entities

» FASB simplifies accounting for certain financial instruments with characteristics of liabilities and equity  

» FASB conducts early stage research about developing accounting standard for digital currencies

» GASB proposes changes to debt disclosures

» GASB establishes single approach to lease accounting by state & local governments

» Form AP: CAQ issues tool to assist audit committees in discussing the role of audit participants

» PCAOB adopts new standard to enhance the relevance and usefulness of the auditor's report



International Financial Reporting News

» IASB Investor Update article highlights requirements in IFRS 15 that companies will apply to determine the timing and amount of revenue recognized

» IASB podcast on latest Board developments

» IASB completes discussions on the scope of its Business Combinations under Common Control project

» IFRS 17 accounting model in one page: Understanding the different elements of the ‘Insurance Contract’ model

» IFRS 9 on 'Financial Instruments' and IFRS 15 on 'Revenue from Contracts with Customers' are now effective

» IASB issues guidance on accounting for financial guarantee contracts under the IFRS for SMEs Standard

» IFRS 17 webcast: Transition requirements faced when applying IFRS 17 - Insurance Contracts - for the first time

» IFRS Foundation publishes IFRS Taxonomy guide for companies

» IASB provides support in understanding the new requirements in IFRS 17 - Insurance Contracts

» IASB finalizes amendments to IFRS 9 and IAS 28 regarding long-term interests in associates and joint ventures  

» IASB issues guidance on how to make materiality judgements

» Accounting for non-GAAP earnings measures: IASB Board member discusses non-GAAP measures

» Leases one year on—putting IFRS 16 into practice

» IASB Update: Staff summary of tentative decisions by the IASB

» IFRIC Update: Summary of tentative decisions by the IFRS Interpretations Committee

» IFRS for SMEs Update: IASB Staff update on the IFRS for SMEs Standard

» Updated IFRS work plan





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Small Business News

» SEC issues Small Entity Compliance Guide related to intrastate offering exemptions

» SEC staff issues small entity guide on changes to Exchange Act registration requirements under JOBS Act

» Crowdfunding: Small Business Capital-Raising Rules


Personal Finance News

» How the new tax reform will impact individual taxpayers

» Free, Official Sources to Find Unclaimed Money

» GovLoans.gov has information about government loans available to individuals

» Job Seekers Resource Center


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