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» FASB in Focus: Clarifying the definition of a business


» Two-part FASB proposal addresses accounting for certain financial instruments


» IASB Chairman: Big data and artificial intelligence increase the relevance of proper accounting standards



Latest News

» SEC Chair: A US imperative – high-quality, globally accepted accounting standards

» CAQ issues new Tool to help audit committees assess the implementation of the new revenue recognition standard

» Federal financial institution regulatory agencies issue FAQs on new accounting standard on Credit Losses 

» IAASB issues a series of questions and answers related to the new Auditor's Report

» IOSCO issues final report on the implementation of new accounting standards related to revenue, financial instruments, and leases


» GASB issues guidance on asset retirement obligations

» GASB seeks comments on project designed to improve financial reporting model  

» CAQ issues paper to promote stakeholder dialogue on non-GAAP financial measures

» FASB proposes scope of modification accounting of a share-based payment award

» PCAOB Chairman discusses the Board's role in enhancing public trust and integrity in audits

» IASB issues minor changes to IFRS Standards

» GASB proposes implementation guidance designed to clarify recent pronouncements  

» SEC Office of Chief Accountant's role in monitoring & reviewing application of accounting standards under IFRS & US GAAP

 » SEC issues updated Financial Reporting Manual

» FASB/IASB Revenue Transition Resource Group discusses contract costs, payments to customers, and other topics

» FASB Issues four proposed Taxonomy implementation guides for comment

» Developments in the IASB research project: Primary financial statements

» New report highlights trends in company disclosure around appointment of audit firms

» SEC Staff provides additional economic analysis on proposed derivatives rule

» SEC clarifies new rules on executive pay

» FASB issues Update: Interests Held through Related Parties That Are under Common Control

» AICPA issues guidance for investment-company accounting

» IAASB amends standards to enhance auditor focus on non-compliance with laws and regulations



Financial Accounting News


» FASB issues guidance clarifying the definition of a business

» FASB issues technical improvements to revenue recognition guidance

» FASB issues proposal on accounting for certain financial instruments

» GASB issues guidance on asset retirement obligations

» FASB proposes scope of modification accounting of a share-based payment award

» FASB issues ASU 2016-18: Restricted Cash (a consensus of the FASB Emerging Issues Task Force)

» FASB announces refinements to investor advisory committee

» FASB seeks comments on proposed service concession arrangement standard  


The IASB's priorities to 2021: An interview with IASB Chairman Hans Hoogervorst


IASB Chairman: Insurance accounting must reflect economic reality

» FASB Outlook: Implementing the leases standard: A few things to consider

» FASB proposes technical correction to not-for-profit standard

» FASB issues proposed changes to accounting guidance for long-duration contracts issued by insurance companies

» FASB issues proposed guidance: Premium Amortization on Purchased Callable Debt Securities

» GASB proposes Omnibus Statement addressing a broad range of practice issues

» GASB proposes guidance for debt that is extinguished early using only existing resources

» FASB Outlook E-Newsletter Q3 2016

» FASB meeting decisions and materials

» FASB project updates: Technical agenda

International Financial Reporting News

» IASB issues minor changes to IFRS Standards

» IASB publishes Update 2 to the IFRS Taxonomy

» IASB releases the conclusions of its 2015 Agenda Consultation along with its work plan for 2017-2021

» IASB issues amendments to insurance contracts Standard

» IFRS Foundation develops Guide to Common Practice Content

» IFRS – Latest developments and future focus

» IASB issues amendments to the Revenue Standard

» IASB issues new lease accounting standard – IFRS 16, Leases

» IFRIC Update: IFRS IC meeting summary

» IASB Update: Staff summary of IASB board meetings

» IFRS for SMEs Update

» Who uses IFRS?


Small Business News

» SEC staff issues small entity guide on changes to Exchange Act registration requirements under JOBS Act

» Crowdfunding: Small Business Capital-Raising Rules

Personal Finance News

» How will the new overtime rules affect workers?

» GovLoans.gov has information about government loans available to individuals

» Job Seekers Resource Center


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